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Curing Loneliness Through Interior Design: 5 Ways We Already Do It

Adjusting to a senior living facility isn’t easy for the elderly. Leaving their home, family, and friends, and pretty much everything they could call theirs, behind can never get easy. Being away from everything they were familiar with makes them feel lonely.

Loneliness isn’t good for health. It can lead to the deterioration of mental health and, eventually, the overall well-being of an individual. People living in senior living don’t receive too many visitors, which can worsen the feeling of loneliness.

But did you know that you can cure loneliness through interior design? Well, that’s true. We’ve listed some ways in which you can make the seniors at your facility feel less lonely!

1. Large Windows in the Rooms

One of the biggest reasons seniors at senior living facilities feel lonely and depressed is the sense of utter disconnection from the outside world. As a senior care facility, you’ve got to acknowledge the fact that you aren’t holding the seniors captive. Make sure there are large windows in every room through which the seniors can enjoy outside views and feel like they’re still a part of the world.

2. Plants

Plants can literally revamp any space instantly. They do not just make a room look more aesthetically appealing but also help the occupants of the room feel less stressed and anxious. Loneliness is bound to make one feel stressed and anxious, and this is precisely why you should consider adding plants to your senior living facility.

3. Muted Colored Interior

Not many people are aware of the fact that colors have a profound effect on the interior. Some colors can make the interior look brighter, welcoming, and open, while others can make the interior look dull, dark, and depressing. Ensure that you use muted colors like beige for the interior of your senior living facility to prevent any negative emotions like the sense of being alone with the senior residents.

4. Social Rooms

Having well-decorated and well-lit social rooms in the facility can also help cure loneliness. You should have spaces in your senior living facility where the residents can spend time talking and sharing their memories. This would ensure that they’ve got good company and a good environment and they don’t feel lonely.

5. Balconies

Having a small, cozy balcony in every bedroom in your facility can also help prevent the senior residents from feeling lonely. They can stand on the balcony and watch people go by, kids playing on the street, or simply enjoy the weather from their room. As we said earlier, not giving the seniors in your facility an opportunity to connect with the outside world is bound to make them feel lonely.

At Inspirit Senior Living, we take care of everything and ensure that seniors at our facility don’t feel lonely. Our facility is designed to absolute perfection that makes our residents feel great about their new home!

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