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Quality First.

Care First.

Receive a real-time, detailed evaluation by our healthcare expert so you’ll be assured the right level of care without unnecessary cost.

Inspirit’s Care Your Way

approach works with you to assess exactly what is needed today, while preparing for tomorrow


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Seamless transition to higher levels of care.

Familiar surroundings with people who know you.

Graduated care within a senior facility minimizes disruption allowing established routines to remain unaltered. Inspirit Senior Living—and the staff you’ll get to know as family—is well-equipped for all your increasing needs. From total independence to maximum assistance, we’re by your side every step of the way.

An all-around assessment.

Creating a balance of empowerment and assistance.

Continuing Inspirit’s core values of care for the mind, body and spirit, our evaluation encompasses all parts of a well-lived life. A medical expert will review medical history, document physical limitations, understand cognitive functioning, and ask about social preferences, hobbies, and goals for a joy-filled life.
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Support with abundance. Efficiently priced.

Never pay for more than you need.

Care Your Way’s point-value system assures that there is always exactly the amount of care required without unnecessary cost. Each area of need scored helps to design care planning, scheduling, and resources in a proactive and advanced manner. The result is care that is done “your way” everyday.
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Whether you qualify for Memory Care or suited for any of the five levels of Assisted Living, we’ll find the best fit for you.

Receive a complimentary assessment at the Inspirit community nearest you.

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See below for further details about Inspirit’s Care Your Way approach and how it works.

  • A medical expert will sit with you and a family member reviewing your medical history, past procedures, understanding levels of ability and perhaps even a chance to determine purposeful goals for a joyful life. 

    Here are the areas of evaluation:

    • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): This evaluates ability to perform basic tasks like bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, toileting, and transferring (getting in and out of bed or a chair). 
    • Medical History: Requires a list of current medications, any chronic health conditions, and past surgeries. Any other relevant medical documents will also be needed.
    • Cognitive Functioning: Conduct simple tests to understand if cognition has declined or ask about your memory, orientation (awareness of time, place, and person), and problem-solving abilities. 
    • Social Needs and Preferences: This explores your social life, hobbies, and interests. What kind of social interaction do you desire in a retirement setting? Which activities would you like to continue?
    • Physical Limitations: This assesses any mobility limitations you might have, such as difficulty walking or needing a cane. Hearing and vision impairments will be documented.

Download a printable PDF with information about Care Your Way. Share with family and friends. You may also contact us for more downloadable, easy-to-print materials.

Inspirit Senior Living spends time with prospective residents to evaluate and discuss their past and current status of health and activities of daily living, known as ADLs. ADLs include various tasks such as combing hair/grooming, oral care, dressing, bathing, eating/feeding, toileting, and more.

The following are five levels of need in regards to ADLs.

Independent/No Assistance: 0/ADL

ADL performed with no cueing/reminders, stand-by assistance, physical assistance, or max assistance.

Cueing/Reminders: 2/ADL 

ADL performed with cueing or reminders from an Inspirit staff member.

Stand-By Assistance: 6/ADL
ADL is performed with continued presence by an Inspirit staff member.

Physical Assist: 9/ADL 

ADL performed with physical assistance by one Inspirit staff member without max assistance.

Max Assistance: 18/ADL

ADL performed requires heightened level of care/supervision, the use of assistive devices, or physical assistance by more than one Inspirit staff member.

Ancillary Fees & Other Charges

Medication Level 1: Basic medication management, up to a total of (8) eight medications.

Medication Level 2: More than (8) eight medications and/or diabetic management, and/or injections, and/or nebulizer treatments, and/or oxygen management, and/or daily vital signs, and/or diagnostic lab management/testing.

Incontinence-program: Includes all levels of incontinence

Get in touch with an Inspirit Senior Living community nearest you for your complimentary assessment.

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