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Problems Faced By Seniors in The Last Phase of Life

Life is divided into different stages, and each of these comes with different sets of situations and problems. Old age is one of those stages that is widely considered to be ridden with various problems, and that is what makes it undesirable. However, old age is also something unavoidable, so helping your loved ones get through their old age smoothly, it’s helpful to understand what the problems faced by seniors are to begin with.

Physiological Problems

One of the most obvious problems when it comes to old age is that the body starts to decline. From limbs to vision to hearing, everything begins to slow down and this can cause difficulty in various aspects of life – from moving around to even something as necessary as breathing. When daily life becomes a struggle, aging seniors can also start facing mental health troubles. Having physiological trouble usually also puts seniors at risk of falls and injuries, which can become a big concern.

Psychological Problems

Mental health starts to decline as you enter old age, particularly because daily life becomes difficult and there is a significant lack of independence. However, besides that, there could also be other problems related to declining neurological health. As the brain starts slowing down, problems like dementia and Alzheimers’ also start to set in, making regular activities even harder for seniors.

Social Problems

Social losses are one of the major contributors to poor mental health in seniors. While independence and lack of physical ability does count, these problems are relatively ignorable if one is supported by a good social system. However, in old age, social life is narrowed down to family and friends. As the people within the same age group start to pass away, and they themselves are affected by chronic health problems that limit movement, seniors are much more likely to face loneliness.

Financial Problems

As time passes, the cost of living keeps rising, as does the cost of healthcare. Unfortunately, this means that seniors will usually face financial trouble as they move into retirement and lose their income. Most often, pensions and provident funds are insufficient to handle the rising costs, and many people are either forced to limit themselves to necessities or face the risk of their savings running out.

This can further create more problems. Not being able to afford healthcare can make physical health worse, and the stress of worrying about finances can have an effect on mental health as well.

When it comes to our own loved ones, we’d naturally want to do everything within our capacity to make sure they are safe and healthy. Assisted living manages to tackle all of these problems by caring for seniors in ways that are catered to them and their lifestyle. Having activities available with other residents in the same age group will also help make them feel less alone and enhance their social life.

At Inspirit Senior Living, we have trained professionals who are able to manage the needs of the senior residents and make sure their concerns around physical and mental health are all addressed.

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