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Signs That Assisted Living May Be The Right Solution For You

Most people are simply not fond of the idea of assisted living. This is not a surprise, since it makes sense that people wouldn’t want to move out of their homes and leave their loved ones behind to enter a brand new community.

However, assisted living can be an excellent option for seniors that can keep them safe and healthy – physically and mentally – and provide enrichment to their social lives.

But how do you know it’s time? Here are some signs that assisted living may be right for you or your loved one.

Is It Time For Assisted Living?

There is no real ‘time’ that makes assisted living necessarily good or bad. In fact, because every situation is unique and different, instead of looking for specific things that can indicate a yes or no answer, it is best to look at the situation as a whole and ask yourself certain questions about your lifestyle.


For one thing, you could ask yourself whether you are getting healthy, balanced meals on a regular basis. In old age, it is important to eat healthy, and not skip out on meals. You also want to make sure the food you do get is fresh and nutritious, and that you have the capacity to go and buy more whenever the need arises. If your dietary requirements are not met at home, perhaps assisted living can help you meet them better.


One of the things that gets affected by old age is the ability to take care of your personal grooming. This could range from the ability to wash your clothes, or even yourself, to brushing your hair and clipping your nails. If you feel that your personal grooming is affected by your age and that you can’t keep up with it, assisted living may be able to help you with it.


Naturally, old age comes with a large number of medicines and this number only grows over time. As seniors, taking these medicines regularly and on time is necessary to make sure you are on your path to recovery or stability. If you think you’re not able to keep up with all the medicines and forget which ones are needed and when, assisted living may be a good option for you.

Social Life

Social life is definitely affected in your old age. Not only does the social circle dwindle, but the inability to move around as frequently and independently as before can affect how well you’re able to socialize as well. This can, in turn, affect your mental health as well.

Assisted living gives you the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with others in the community over joined interests and preferences and thus allows for more socialization than you would be able to achieve at home.

Inspirit Senior Living has professionals trained in senior care who are able to make sure that residents remain safe and healthy, and that all their health and wellness needs are met.

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