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Why Should a Senior Living Facility Have an On-Site Physician

Most older adults suffer from multiple medical conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and compromised renal function, among many others. They may need medical attention at any time during the day or night. Any delays in them reaching the hospital can prove fatal for them.

If you’re looking for a senior living facility for your loved one, make sure to choose the one with a certified physician at the facility round the clock. Many senior living facilities have physicians on board who visit the facility on specified days every week, but we’re suggesting opting for a facility with a physician present at all times.

You may wonder why we’re stressing about choosing a senior living facility that has got a physician present on site round the clock. This blog post will answer any questions that you may have.

Things are Unpredictable with Seniors

One of the biggest reasons why a physician should be present at a senior living facility all the time is that things are very unpredictable with seniors. You can never be sure if they’re feeling alright. Their condition can flip in no time. A senior may be doing just fine one moment, and the other may be struggling to breathe. If there’s a physician around, they’ll be able to provide the medical aid the senior resident needs immediately. However, if there’s no medical professional on site, the senior resident will have to be taken to the hospital in case of an emergency, and those few minutes that are spent commuting may be too long for them.

Tolerance in Seniors is Low

If you’ve got a fever, you may continue to go about your day’s activities, not as quickly, but you’ll get things done. However, if a senior falls slightly sick, they may not be able to leave the bed. An elderly’s tolerance to sickness and pain is much lower than young adults. If a senior resident is in pain and there’s no medical professional present on site, the resident will have to stay in pain and discomfort till somebody comes to check on them. However, if there’s a physician on the premises, the senior resident can be given the medication they need right away to help them feel better.

Sick Seniors Can’t Afford Any Delays

A senior may not be able to survive any fluctuations in their condition, especially if they’re already sick. For example, if a senior resident suffers from a heart condition, they’ll need immediate medical attention if they complain about chest pain. If there’s no medical professional present and the resident is rushed to the hospital, a lot can go wrong on the way.

Considering all that can go wrong with the seniors, it’s best to choose a senior living facility that has an on-site physician to look after the senior residents round the clock. Inspirit Senior Living is one of the best places in this regard. You can pay us a visit and see for yourself.

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