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How Inspirit Senior Living is Responding to COVID-19

Dear Inspirit Community,

I’m hoping this letter finds you well.

I am very proud of each one of our Executive Directors, their teams, and the on-going efforts in keeping your loved ones safe. Our Community Enrichment Directors have done a great job in keeping the residents connected. I encourage all of you to follow the Inspirit Senior Living Instagram page and check out the shenanigans!

Most states, as you know are re-opening, however we must adjust to a new normal. Keeping the residents and staff members protected and safe remains our top priority. At this time, our visitation restrictions will remain in place per state and CDC guidelines. We all have a duty to protect their well-being. We appreciate your understanding and ongoing commitment in keeping them safe.

Here are some of the approaches we’ve been taking during these unprecedented times:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
    We have been working very hard behind the scenes to ensure each community has the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for each employee. These items include masks, gowns, hand sanitizer, and face shields when needed.
  • Testing Kits
    Inspirit Senior Living is very excited to announce that we currently have Covid-19 testing kits available in all 15 of our communities. This provides us with the peace of mind knowing we have testing available on-site for all of our residents whenever needed.
  • Disinfecting Technology
    We have also invested in, for the safety of our residents and staff, a state-of-the-art disinfecting and sanitizing system for each community. This Protexus System is an electrostatic handheld sprayer that has 360-degree coverage to clean around curved and hard to reach surfaces.

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, we remain steadfast in our efforts in keeping our communities Covid-19 free.

We have an on-going commitment to provide our staff members with the most up-to- date resources available in the prevention, spread, and the containment of Covid-19.

Lastly, we are humbled by your generosity, kindness, and the love that you have shown to our amazing and dedicated teams.


Dave sig

Dave McHarg, President

Inspirit Senior Living

At Inspirit, we have an ongoing commitment to providing the latest resources to families and residents.

Family skype


Skype with your family members today! Simply download the Skype app and call us today to schedule a virtual Skype visit with your loved ones.
Virtual tours


Our team is now offering personalized virtual tours as well as supply you with floorplans, photos, videos and other resources to help you.
Returning from the hospital


Is your loved one coming home from a hospital? We can provide exceptional care, food, and activities in private rooms during this transition.
Messages to loved ones


To display outside of your loved one’s window, we can provide you with signs to take home and decorate or write a personalized messages.
Healthcare workers team


We are in this together. Thank you to the Inspirit community for taking a moment to share your gratitude and stories of encouragement. #inspiritstrong

Helping hands


We are opening our doors to all older adults during this time of uncertainty as a place where we you can be fed, cared for, and interact with our residents.

Additional Resources

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