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Written by: VIP Murfreesboro Magazine

40 Under 40 Edition

Rebecca Himes lives in downtown Murfreesboro with her husband of 11 years and their seven-year-old daughter, and it is her favorite part of the city.

She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee Christian School and Middle Tennessee State University. After graduating from MTSU she served in sales and marketing in senior living facilities in both Murfreesboro and the Greater Atlanta market. 

“I have worked in senior living since I was 18 years old,” said Himes. “I started as a caregiver on second shift while obtaining my bachelor’s degree at The Rutherford, and then transitioned into sales and marketing there. While in Atlanta, I learned my love of operations. When my husband Mike and I returned to Murfreesboro, I served with Senior Helpers and then The Rutherford Assisted Living and Memory Care for Inspirit Senior Living. In 2019, I moved into the Regional Director of Operations position where I serve Tennessee and South Carolina.” 

Moving to Atlanta was a real risk for Himes. It was intimidating, but the best thing she could have done for her career. She worked for a very large company in senior living and learned much about her abilities and weaknesses. 

“I have become open to vulnerabilities in my professional relationships,” noted Himes. “I want to know how others think I can improve my skills and weaknesses. Once I laid aside my insecurities about what others think of me, I was able to see nothing but possibilities. I take every opportunity to talk to those ahead of me and learn from what they see in me. Being vulnerable has allowed a whole new world to open up for me and my vision to be solely focused on serving people.” 

Her mother, Marsha Logue of Wilson Bank, is her greatest inspiration. She feels fortunate to have been raised by a strong female leader. 

“She broke barriers for other women in banking by staying true to herself,” explained Himes. “She is strong, focused and a woman of immense integrity. She always pushed me to do better, be better and expect better. There was no quitting living with Marsha Logue, and that has served me well leading my communities during a world-wide pandemic.” 

Involved in the community, Himes is most touched by what she does with the Emerge program at The Experience Community Church. Emerge is a program for special needs children who may need some assistance from a buddy throughout the church service. 

“The Emerge program does many things to impact my life,” said Himes. “The top two things it allows me to do is help share the love of Christ with ALL of his children and remind me of how relationships are what matters in life. Through relationships wounds can be healed, voices can be heard and needs can be met. I have the privilege of serving every week in the Emerge program. No matter what is going on in my life, I go there and I am overwhelmed with joy as I see these kids connect to Jesus.” 

She is also very excited to be helping to start the Emerge Sunday teen and adult program this April at The Experience. 

Two things that Himes has learned as she has grown both as a business woman and a person, which she might share with the teens at The Experience, are not to undersell herself and to never quit. 

“I am my worst critic,” explained Himes. “I love promoting everyone else and helping them reach their goals. I would love to grab my younger self’s shoulders and say ‘break the ceiling girl!’ And, as I said above, I have learned to never quit from my mother, even when things get tough. Become career focused, not fast money focused. Do the extra work. Grind when everyone else says they need a break. And always walk with integrity.” 

In her free time, Himes’ favorite hobby is learning new cooking techniques that stretch her imagination. She is also working with her husband on their downtown fixer upper 1932 era home, and she adores watching her daughter play sports. 

“I am so excited to see my daughter excel and grow into the young woman God has created her to be,” said Himes. “I am also looking forward to challenging myself through growing my service region and my knowledge of the senior living community. 

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