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What Does It Take to Make Seniors at Senior Care Homes Feel Comfortable?

Moving into a senior care home from their little heaven isn’t an easy transition for the elderly. Leaving a place they built, decorated, and nurtured with love to move to a place that’s home to numerous others like them is definitely not easy.

Making seniors feel comfortable and at home at a senior care facility is one of the biggest responsibilities for senior care homes. As long as the seniors don’t feel at home, they won’t gel in with others, which is not good for their health.

This blog post highlights the many things it takes to make a senior feel comfortable living at a senior care facility.

Talk to Them

Don’t just impose the move on them. Your ability to adjust out of your comfort zone declines as you age. Home is the comfort zone for the elderly. Whatever the reason for moving the elderly at your home to a senior care facility, talk to them about it.

Tell them why you think it’s the best for them. Assure them that they won’t be alone there. Have them pack some of their most beloved belongings like pictures that they can decorate in their new room and feel as if they’re home.

Encourage Them to Interact with Others

One of the worst things for aged people is spending too much time alone. It’s absolutely normal to miss home and kids, but that will make them sad, especially if their family is not around to see them frequently.

One way to make the seniors at your senior care facility feel at home is to encourage them to interact with others. Design the facility, so people living there don’t feel like they’re caged. The sooner they make friends, the sooner they’ll accept the facility as their new home.

Request the Family to Pay Regular Visits

Asking the family members to pay regular visits will make the transition easier. If the reason why the family has decided to move the elderly to a senior care facility is that they’ve to leave the country for work and paying regular visits isn’t possible, ask them to send a word out to the elderly’s friends and neighbors to come to see them whenever they can. Meeting people they know will help them keep the ties to their old life intact, making them feel good.

Conduct Fun Activities

The elderly are no different than children. They need the same attention and care. One way to make the seniors at the senior care facility feel at home and comfortable is to conduct fin activities like bingo, arts and crafts and walks to a park. All these activities will make the seniors feel that their life isn’t so gray!

We at Inspirit Senior Living ensure that everyone at our facility is comfortable and happy. From round-the-clock medical attention to grooming sessions to home-cooked meals, seniors living with us will feel at home from day 1!

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